Introducing Report Distribution

5 min readMar 7, 2024


In today’s private credit market, institutional borrowers face various challenges accessing capital. Validating creditworthiness across multiple counterparties is particularly cumbersome, creating a large operational burden for borrowers.

After completing a thorough Credora Credit analysis, borrowers repeatedly found that counterparties of all types (lenders, prime brokers, exchanges, OTC desks, token projects) requested a more detailed breakdown of their Credit Assessment.

Credora’s Summary and Detailed reports allow borrowers to present the components of their neutral third-party Credit Assessment, including how the results compare to those from a Traditional Ratings Agency. This allows lenders to contextualize the results in terms of Probability of Default, enabling more informed risk reward decision making.

The Report Distribution feature makes it seamless for borrowers to grant access to the results of their Credit Assessment to any counterparty. Their counterparties don’t need to sign up to Credora, and can quickly progress through reviewing the Credit Assessment. This helps borrowers broaden their sources of capital, driving a more competitive market.

Furthermore, our simple and easy to integrate API makes it easy for platforms to redistribute these assessments natively on their user interface, ensuring their users are making informed decisions.

Credora is on a mission to facilitate technology-driven and dynamic credit assessments at scale, driving transparency and efficiency in private credit markets.

What’s new?

Starting today, every borrower onboarding the Credora platform will receive two Credit Reports (Summary & Detailed), refreshed on a monthly or quarterly cadence.

  • Summary Report: Provides a company overview and headline Credit Metrics. This report is effective for the early stages of a new counterparty relationship, or useful for Lenders who are constructing a portfolio across multiple borrowers.
  • Detailed Report: Provides a comprehensive and visual breakdown of the Credit Assessment. This report contains all relevant details for due diligence on a borrower, including financial and risk monitoring data. It is most appropriate for known institutional counterparties, including sophisticated Credit Funds and Prime Brokers.

Borrowers can control the distribution of their credit report via the platform, by whitelisting the reports for specific counterparties or enabling access via a variety of partner platforms.

Partner Platforms can leverage Credora’s API to showcase a Borrower’s headline Credit Metrics and Reports, elevating the lending journey for anyone deploying capital.

Using the feature

After completing a credit assessment, borrowers can now retrieve their credit reports on the platform within a dedicated page, enabling them to easily manage report distribution across counterparties.

Report distribution can be done in several ways:

1) Share Reports via a Link or Email: Borrowers can share the Summary Report link, or whitelist specific counterparties to access a private Detailed Report. Whitelisted counterparties will then receive an email containing a link to the credit report. The borrower can choose who pays for the report (themselves or the lender).

  • For prepaid reports, recipients will access the report at no cost, as it was pre-paid by the borrower.
  • For paid reports, recipients will need to pay to access the report (in which case the borrower will not be charged for the invitation).

2) Listing Assessments on Distribution Platforms: Borrowers can opt to showcase their credit information on partner platforms affiliated with Credora. When a report is listed, lenders can see the borrower’s core metrics and the availability of reports natively on the partner platform, helping them to boost their visibility and reach a wider audience.

Private report security is enhanced by OTP requirements, watermarking, download prevention, and IP viewer tracking.

Lenders that are whitelisted for private reports will receive emails indicating their access. Additionally, where private report links are accessible on partner platforms, new Lenders can request to view the report, notifying the borrower to approve or deny access.

Distribution Partners
This release comes with an updated API that makes it easy for Partner Platforms to integrate Credora Credit Information into their platforms. Borrowers can configure the sharing of their Credit Metrics and Latest Active Credit Reports, per Partner.

Once the integration is complete, partners are able to showcase a borrower’s core Credit Metric and Credit Reports on their platform, providing lenders with unique insights to inform their decisions.

Below is an illustration on how Credora Credit Information can be showcased by Partners on their platform (these are suggestions, and partners can of course adjust the display to fit their requirements).

The integration of Credora Credit Information brings numerous benefits for partner platforms:

  • Attract Quality Debt Issuance: By empowering borrowers to showcase their Credit Assessment, partners position themselves to source and amplify high quality offerings
  • Elevate the Lending Experience: Help lenders expedite their due diligence process, leading to higher user retention and transaction volumes.
  • Build User Trust: The availability of third-party assessments helps partners establish credibility with their audience.

To talk to our team about the integration, Request Access to the Credora Platform as a partner.

If you are interested in technology-driven third-party credit assessments, Credora is actively working with borrowers across various market segments, including Digital Asset Trading, Receivables Financing, Commodities Trading, Growth Fintech, Green Energy Financing, and more. Request Access via our website.




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