Credora forms strategic partnership with Haruko

2 min readNov 27, 2023


Credora, a leader in credit analysis and transparent credit risk, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Haruko. This collaboration harnesses Haruko’s cutting-edge risk management solutions to empower Credora’s institutional-grade credit analysis and risk monitoring capabilities.

1. Enhanced Borrower Risk Pricing: Credora’s credit analysis and monitoring framework relies heavily on accurately pricing borrower risk. Haruko’s on-chain solutions provide crucial, institutional-grade risk metrics, elevating Credora’s ability to assess and monitor borrower risk with unprecedented precision.

2. Dynamic Credit Analysis: Leveraging Haruko’s real-time coverage across multiple chains and protocols, Credora now offers dynamic credit analysis for a diverse range of borrowers. This includes crypto-native firms, which often face rapidly changing on-chain and off-chain exposures.

3. Comprehensive Market Coverage: Haruko’s extensive market and instrument coverage enables Credora to capture exposures in various environments, enhancing its analytical capabilities and market reach.

About Credora:

Credora is dedicated to advancing the development of on-chain capital markets by harnessing the power of confidential computing and cryptographic techniques. The company’s innovative approach allows it to analyze sensitive borrower data, extracting invaluable insights while maintaining privacy for its clients. The company strives to foster transparency, confidence, and data-driven lending within credit markets.

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About Haruko:

Haruko provides the most comprehensive digital asset infrastructure solution for institutions deploying capital across the digital assets ecosystem. Seamless consolidation of positions across exchanges, on-chain and OTC activity with access to real-time and historical pricing, risk and P&L reporting provides the transparency needed for effective treasury management, compliance, investor reporting and financial controllership functions.

Haruko has an experienced team of TradFi and digital industry veterans located across Europe and Asia supporting more than 45 institutional clients globally using Haruko to optimise their front-, middle- and back-office workflows and operational controls.

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