Credora and Credible Partner to Expand On-Chain Credit

3 min readMay 31, 2024


Credora and Credible are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership designed to grow the institutional credit landscape on-chain. By combining Credora’s advanced credit assessment technology with Credible’s innovative RWA protocol, this collaboration aims to provide a secure and efficient solution for institutional credit.

Credible, a Solana-based Real World Asset protocol, specializes in bringing on-chain credit solutions to institutional borrowers. The foundation of Credible’s reliability and security lies in its innovative CeDeFi (Centralized-Decentralized Finance) architecture. This unique approach seamlessly marries the transparency of blockchain technology with the well-established legal framework of regulated financial institutions.

Utilizing the speed, security, and scalability of the Solana blockchain, Credible enables collateralized borrowing against tokenized debt issuances, enabling more capital efficiency for market participants.

Credora, renowned for its comprehensive credit assessment capabilities, offers detailed, technology-driven credit scores, benchmarked to ratings agency equivalents. Credora also generates detailed credit reports for any LPs looking to get a deeper understanding of the various risks and strengths of any issuance. Credora’s unique privacy preserving technology enables the inclusion of real-time data to help validate and monitor a borrower’s creditworthiness and generate dynamic credit scores, while using layers of automation to ensure a seamless credit assessment process.

Credora will perform Credit Assessments on Credible borrowers. Those will be distributable to Credible’s audience via the Credible platform, in the form of credit scores, ratings agency equivalent benchmarks, and detailed credit reports. Together, the partnership ensures high quality opportunities and analysis are made available for the institutional lending audience on Solana, facilitating a more efficient market within the ecosystem.

Credible: Bringing Real World Assets On-Chain

Credible revolutionizes the world of finance by bringing real-world assets onto the blockchain, creating a secure avenue for individuals and entities to invest in credit backed by tangible assets such as real estate and renewable energy projects.

Credible operates in partnership with a licensed financial institution, ensuring adherence to rigorous regulatory standards. This institution plays a pivotal role in conducting due diligence, managing onboarding procedures, overseeing collateralization, and facilitating capital disbursement for borrowers. These critical functions all occur within the framework of local regulatory jurisdiction, guaranteeing that all financial activities are conducted in full compliance with applicable laws.

Credible represents real-world assets on the blockchain. This on-chain representation provides transparency and immutability, allowing all participants to verify the existence and status of these assets with ease. It ensures that the underlying collateral is secure and properly accounted for.

The sourcing and repayment of capital occur transparently and on-chain, utilizing the principles of decentralized finance (DeFi). This means that all financial transactions related to the investment, including the sourcing of funds and the repayment process, are recorded on the blockchain. This transparency instills trust and accountability in the financial ecosystem.

Credora: Institutional Grade Credit Assessments

Credora, an S&P-backed credit assessments provider, is the premier solution in the industry for assessing and benchmarking the risk of loans. Credora’s technology-driven approach is designed to help make the credit scoring process seamless, and helps obtain a more accurate and up-to-date picture of any borrower. Credora leverages real-time data using privacy preserving infrastructure, enabling borrowers to validate creditworthiness from third party sources (bank accounts, loan tracking software, custody solutions), while keeping sensitive data private. Real-time data helps a borrower validate its assets, its returns and can be a strong proxy for future financial statements.

Credora’s systematic and battle-tested methodologies have facilitated over $1.4bn in credit over the past 2 years, and ensure that all deals can be benchmarked to a Moody’s or S&P rating, allowing lenders to make a comprehensive risk-to-reward decision and appropriately compare deals to more traditional offerings.

Credora also generates a Summary and Detailed Credit Report on every deal, designed to provide a breakdown of their assessment in a structured and intuitive format. Borrowers can easily control who accesses their reports by configuring per report settings, and whitelisting counterparties as required, regardless of if they are Credora clients.

Credora x Credible

This partnership between Credora and Credible marks a significant milestone in the DeFi space. Both companies are committed to continuous innovation and excellence in their offerings, striving to meet the evolving needs of the financial sector.




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