Accelerating Credit Assessments

2 min readJan 26, 2024


Great news for Credora Platform users! Our latest release introduces two major enhancements to the platform:

  • New Financial Submission Flow
  • Report Request & Distribution

New Financial Submission Flow

We know the process of submitting financials for Credit Assessment can be time consuming, as it involves manual tagging of documents and input of various metrics. With our recent release, this process is now streamlined!

Introducing our new, simplified submission flow — no more manual tagging or metrics input needed. Simply upload your financial documents on our secure platform (we accept CSV, PDF, JPG, or PNG), where documents are stored in encrypted form, and we will take care of the rest.

Once submitted, our credit team will review your documents. Thanks to our privately deployed AI engine, the data structuring process is automated, extracting essential metrics for your Credit Assessment.

This release is a significant move towards making Credit Assessments faster for institutional borrowers.

Report Distribution

Our latest release empowers lenders to directly request credit information from borrowers via the platform. The requested information may encompass:

  1. Current Credit Score, Credit Rating, and Borrow Capacity.
  2. Latest Credit Report.

Once the request is made, the borrower will receive a platform notification where they can configure the data sharing as appropriate.

Our mission is to bring efficiency and transparency to digital credit markets. Our product roadmap is anchored to producing fast and accurate Credit Assessments at scale, powered by real-time data. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks as our team keeps building.

To learn more about Credora and our mission to build confidence in credit markets, please visit our website at, or connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.




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